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  • Values

    Training & Apprenticeships

    We train our people for the future

  • Values

    Training & Apprenticeships

    We train our people for the future

The workplace culture at Gould Transport is one of continuous training where everyone gets to learn new things every day. But beyond this, we also provide active coaching, training and mentorship for our staff in line with their career aspirations so that they can achieve their career goals and make more significant contributions to the industry. We are not one of those companies that refuse to develop their people because they are afraid they will leave for greener pastures. At Gould Transport, we prepare our staff to handle more responsibilities and tackle bigger challenges. Our people are our most important resources, and by investing in them, we invest in the future of our company and the industry while also strengthening the existing culture. This is why the workplace at Gould Transport is enjoyable, progressive and productive. Staff are excited to come to work every day because they know there is something new to learn every day. It is not just doing the same task over and over. We have achieved this by adding skills development opportunities, training programs, and apprenticeship across all our project teams. We have several types of training opportunities for our team. This includes;

Construction Foreman Giving Instructions to Worker
Team of architects working on construction plans
Design office

Skills training and


Many of the employees have been able to participate in several apprenticeship programs that were sponsored by the company. These apprenticeships are organised by nominated apprenticeship centres and focus on several aspects of our projects. Through these means, many of our staff have acquired certifications in

We have also trained some of our staff to gain advanced Occupational Health & Safety and traffic management qualifications among many other courses that we are accredited for. These include;

Management Training and


We also encourage management staff to take advantage of the various professional development opportunities such as the ones offered through the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the Institution of Engineers Australia. Staff will get allocated time for their study during workdays to enable them to study and ace the necessary qualification and certification exams. This value is not just another feel-good company policy, or for propaganda, it is something that guides all our practices and to ensure compliance at all time, we have management within the workplace that reviews compliance regularly and ensure that in the execution of all our project and in every decision we take, this value has a place. We take pride in living up to our commitments and showing our clients that integrity underlies our services.

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